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    Okay !! People Good morning and hello !! today was and amazing day , since I'm out of town with my Sis, Mom & Dad for vacation , Well these past days I have been so Busy with school and doing DT works, therefore I need a break !! So last week We have an exam , I was been frustrated with the results of the test (it's been  bad but It's okay for me & I did all my very best ). I was wondering about the day tomorrow  , Marivic's Birthday (Marivic is the owner of the zeus and zoe  , where I work as a Design team  ) . She is such a wonderful Lady and a loving parent  . I see all of her hard-works and dedication to keep going in life , and I know she will go far.

     The Design teams From Z & Z wanted to have a birthday Surprise for her. Since we are not near to Marivic's house, therefore we will surprise her in the Zeus and Zoe Blog with our cards, projects, and such. Here is what I did for that Wonderful Lady (look down below for my message to her)

MESSAGE To her :
Dear Marivic,
           Happy birthday  to you and I know how happy you are right now , Duh !! its your day be good and feel free to celebrate it with your family , friends and also to God. Thank you that we met  and became friends , and I'm thanking you to all the kindness and love that you gave ,  Thank you once again for the interview (I just finished my interview album) and I am happy that you help me with this Daring project at school !!LOL!! and thank you again for the McGil  embosser tool you gave me (such a handy one ) and Also  you have been a great friend, a honest one , a good one and even your older than me, I still like to hang out with you and other scrapper who are older than me   !! No age can escape my friendly attitude !! Well This is your day keep smiling and may God give you many birthdays and blessings
"SALAMAT at Maligayang Kaarawan Mar"

After this day I created my First serious doodling (which is in title "just learn to love")

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