Mixed-Media Doodling Tag Tutorial + Pray for Bohol


Hello !! Guys  I am So happy I can post to you right now a tutorial, You know how busy I am and Can't do any video tutorial .Since I love you all and with my dearest Heart  Here is My tutorial On how I doodled and make used of paints into a blast of creation!! 

I have no class today since , our country is experiencing earthquakes and aftershocks especially Bohol , I hope you guys can pray and help them . The earthquake is about 7.5 intensity and here in our place we are experiencing 5 to 6 intense of the earthquake , which is Bad but were okay.. The earthquake yesterday last only in 1 minute (which too long for an ordinary earthquake) but right now Bohol is still experiencing it and other parts of Visaya Region.. Guys Please pray for them ... that is the only thing you can help!!

 So For This day I created A tag which named Love this is offered to my Fellow Filipinos who are suffering from The earthquake and not only earthquake but also to all of those Filipinos who suffered ..\

Here is the tag and the other tag !!

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  1. WOW...Amazing creations! Love your work and I was blown away when I saw your age, you are very talented and have a fantastic future ahead of you as an artist.


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