How I met scrapbooking


   Hello, Welcome to my blog. I'm Charlemagne G. Gargalicano Jr. But you can call me Charllie , Bordy or  Shimmerlyscrappy . I Lived in the Philippines with my MOM and my sister,whom I loved the most. I'm a College student who loves Digital , Traditional art, Calligraphy and Scrapbooking.

 I started Scrapbooking at the age of 13,  a  kid who loves to cut and paste paper, but I wasn't able to share my work around the world. I Loved to design and draw but I usually do it for school just to have a better grade and a wonderful piece to past to my teacher. Not only that, but  all of my school  projects are good  based on its value ,the content, or researches. I began to take paper crafting seriously When I discovered paper flowers,  you tube was my mentor. One day I watch this video on you tube .The girl in the video just said card-stock  and I was wondering what was it for, so, I googled the thing , and Found out  that  it was used for Scrapbooking, and card-making . I didn't know that scrapbooking was taken seriously, And after that I  was so hooked !

How do I get the name Shimmerlyscrappy?

  Before I was known to be Shimm , I started uploading photos of my work  on ( I started out there as a beginner and my username was PAPERFLOWER BOY ) (It's because of my flower creations ) But it was change on the day of my BIRTHDAY. I was so hooked  watching videos on you-tube , I got a lot of inspiration and finding out how to create that kind of flower even though there's no tutorial about it  ( did you know, I never used punches for my flowers , I just used my secret formula ;) . I got the name shimmerlyscrappy, When I started to create my own homemade glimmer mist ( by watching a video ) ( At that time I never have international products because my country doesn't have stores that sells the stuff ) ( As A kid I can't buy online , I'm not rich plus I don't have money to afford that thing, I don't have a job  )  . At that day  Creating homemade supplies are the only thing I do, such as Glimmer mist,Flowers, and etc. I liked to put a lot of shimmer on my works and  because of that I created the name Shimmerlyscrappy "A scrapbooker who loved shimmer"

How's that possible that I got international products even  if I am based on a country that doesn't have a lot of crafty stuff??

     As a beginner,  I wanted to have  products like what you-tubers have or people from . I  admired them so much , not just the thing but ever person  I met on the internet , they tend to Guest design , Enter challenges which requires there product , because of it I wanted to join .So I asked for help on how things ran in this world . I like to thank my dear friend Jennifer Snyder who coaches and teaches me on how things ran . So She recommend that I could enter challenges on blog that doesn't require products , So I searched it on goolge and Woah Once upon a sketch and CSI gave me the chance to enter and Won the challenges with prizes . Those prizes are the fruits  of my  labor , working with my Art  is hard yet everything is Woth it and I awe it to GOD :)
Also some of my stuffs are gifts from my friends, The gave it to me to help me start and grow my art, and I thank all of them for giving me a good opportunity in this country and  I am very happy that I have friends like them

                                        Thank you for READING

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