I was feature on Prima!!


 Hello everyone !
I'm back ( woot woot !!)
  I am so excited to share this awesome news , I'm guesting  on Prima ! Yes, and it's been my long dream ,  ( even if I didn't get to the actual design team at least I got the chance to be featured). For me this is a huge break as a Filipino scrapbook artist  and I am  forever grateful  to God for giving me an opportunity to share my brand.

All of this would never happen without the help of some friends. I would like to thank  Lisa Nazario Gregory for the  gift she sent. You know guys  I don't have a lot of prima stuff going on in my room, I just used what is available for me. When I found out that the GDT  from prima will not sent stuff, I panicked and thought of this crazy idea to rip off old works and recreate them. Boy that was scary but an angel came and saved my spot ( She even said that she doesn't want me to miss this event ).I felt so happy and  grateful because she  doesn't  need to do this, yet she did !!! I also wanted to thank Jennifer  Snyder for the love and support she gave me. Every time I tried to apply on prima she is always  there to tell me not to quit and I like to thank her for that :) .( also she helps me with my resume LOL)

Here are projects  Checkout prima blog for the deatils of my work :)


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