A Grunge Box :Tutorial (Zeus -Zoe DT)


( I will choose "OR")
Hello! Everybody , I really need to share this amazing box I have made for Zeus and Zoe amazing kits , The kits were fantastic .. So vintage and it has those buttons and trims that I love , Speaking of Vintage , Vintage is one way to make an old Halloween decaration , COOL!! Yeah I bet I was right !! Lol!! 

I was So happy Halloween Started that means Christmas will be here soon (my project are ready for christmas ) . I know some parts of the world celebrated trick or treating in each homes but here at Philippines we don't celebrate,except (in the mall LOL) instead of doing treak or treat we celebrate halloween by visiting our past away relatives and have a festive near at the cemetery, we also have a good time chatting and games .. 

Well Halloween is great ,  Oh crap its 12 O'clock ding ding .. OHHHHH  my gosh here is my amazing project (watch the video for a tutorial ) And oh I'm turning into a VAMPIRE LOL!! (better suck BLOOD)

(Weirdest vampire ,ever neverseen smilling)

Thank you For watching!!

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