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      Hello Friends and  to my noble Timers , What a great day I have , (psst... we don't have class this morning and that is the reason why I have my day so good LOL ) Its been a while I didn't get to write a post or to share my work here ,but to inform you guys I'm still alive! LOL!! okay ,it's been so far that I didn't share some handmade tags to all of you , and I am thrilled to show you all my new style of making tags !! For now, I am a bit on  discovering my style (new style ) and I hope you guys could love my new SCRAPBOOK DNA , so No time to waste here is it and  BOOM!! Plus I have a good news to share last month I joined the Prima BAP  and I won !! actually never expected it but geez thank you everyone and especially to God

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  1. Wow! Your work is so beautiful! I love you use of texture and color. Thanks so much for the inspiration! :)

  2. Beautiful tags Charllie! Congrats on winning with Prima! That is exciting news. :)


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