One Dream,Goal ,Wish =OUAS May


Dear Timers,
                   Hello And welcome to my Blog..Hi and absolutely What a great day I have ... I have new layout To share !! So get ready and one two... three..Here I go... First of all The layout Is made for Once upon A sketch  Challenge @ May   in which the challenge goes with a sketch and a theme!! This theme for the month  is about A number that represent your journaling !! Since this is  Charlie's Time I can Pick any number at my Clocks !!LOL!! I picked ONE  Number and that is 1 ...Okay Once upon A sketch  said to have any chipboard on the layout So I make my own chipboard frame (handcut) This is my  Resin chipboard Piece

                     Here is the sketch and The layout ..oops I forgot the Photo is Taken at Shakey's  By myself (Actually this is my new profile pic!!)

One Dream ,One Goal ,OneWish

"Reach High for STARS Lie hidden in your soul , Dream DEEP ,For  every DREAM proceeds its GOAL"

Journaling : Oh I Loved  that  Qoute !! So inspiring and indeed So true !! Look out those Words that are underlined  (above )  There the words who inspired me to make my journaling!! Okay Do you ever think of proceeding just one Goal  , Dream , Wish  in your whole entire life and trying to make it true !!Well Each and everyone  HAD some plans in life but Did you think  proceeding Only one !! My dream is to be a Famous Fashion Designer ... I like Sketching clothes  when I was 11 years old and  believe me  I was young to have that talent let me show you one of my sketch  This too old  but now I didn't sketch so much since scrapping make me addicted lol!! 

Photo: fairy  flairly

Okay that is my dream ,goal , and wish ..I'm proud of myself if I will reach that kind of dream ..I believe DREAMS do Come true..And as I said :Believe The impossible things!!

Tell me About Your DREAMS !!Comment Below!!(here are the close ups)



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  1. stunning work Charlie ... keep going with your dream, everything is possible, keep believing in yourself and your talent within . beautiful work .

  2. Chiming in with Heather - it is SO important to have dreams and never stop believing in them. You're going from strength to strenght with your scrapping, always such interesting details to discover in your pages. Thank you so much for sharing your dreams and your groovy page with us at OUAS!

  3. WOW on the sketches and on your blog! I bet you have fun!

  4. Keep that goal in sight! Great take on the OUAS sketch :) Great to have you play along with us again!

  5. Great page, and also great fashion sketches that you've shared.


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