Altered Hello kitty steampunk


Dear timers, 
            I have to share you this wonderful and extremely fun steampunk Hello kitty ..I found a Plaster in paris hello kitty in our basement and I want it to be more shabby and amazing so what I did I grab everything in my stash and make my own hello kitty!!
HI! I'm Kitty how are you!!
Hey whats UP what do you think of my fab look??

Look at my Awesome back I have wings flowers and even a stamped clock , amazing ey!

This is a royalty crown made  with the finest  plastic container and the most beautiful flower That the time keeper had made for me  nice right and ohh prima  tiny alphabet stickers which says 
fly...Nice right ..Oops forgot, meow !!! I have Zva Basic Crystal eyes look my eye shine like a  diamond!!meowww!!

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  1. This piece is just too cute! I love the pop of color from the flowers. Thanks for the inspiration! =)


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