Blooming at May ~Flying Unicorn ~C.S.I. No.70


Dear Beloved ,Ticker and Timers

                   How are you today?? Well I think you have a great day ,so am I .Today is a great day to share my new work with the sketch challenge at Flying unicorn and an amazing Color brought to you by Color Stories Inspiration..The sketch Was truly one of a kind ,The Colors are absolutely Amazing  and nice to work with !!

            Timers here is the Sketch and the chalenge!! (Don't forget  to  watch below for some journaling and description)  

I used my Handmade flowers To complete The setting of the layout and..
Attached some Handmade banners from Prima Rondelle collection and Some paper cords to hang my banners
At the side of the image I made a little butterfly and a doodled Fence!!

Down below Is my  photo at Baguio City and Its late April that day
   and I'm  having fun with the blossom  and flowers!

 I have 2 journaling areas they are hidden and Can be seen in the layout

1st Journaling (Title) :
I'm Blooming at May, A day in May , What can I say It's my Birthday

2nd journaling:
Okay let's Talk About having birthdays !! People may have used to have birthdays like parties, foods, dinner, gifts and such but the only thing that people often forget is that, Birthdays are the moment to  thanked  God for a new life..I know We  Celebrate or birthdays with a splash but I realized that having birthday is not about having a big celebration its about having a new life and a new journey to face the challenges that God had prepared  for us ..Like I said every May I'm blooming since My birthday is on may and I feel Brandnew every time my birthday comes!!

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  1. Wow it,s amazing, you are very talented, I love what you did in the background.


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