I - VIEW ~C.S.I. no 72


HI Timers !
              Today Let me share another Inspirational layout Made with the joyful colors from  COLOR STORIES INSPIRATION .. the colors are just a crisp   and matches my photo perfectly..
I love how my shells and coral stones completed the side of the layout!! Actually I have a tutorial on this ,but its not uploaded since that ,the video is filmed in HD therefore it takes time to upload it on YOU-TUBE!! so here is my work scroll down for  my journaling !!


Okay here is my journaling 
I-view means I  see or I'm enlighten.. This Image was taken at Vigan City's old  bell tower  I'm at the top and seeing the vintage city of the Philippines.. What I see is beauty and very amazing..So that is the basic WORDS I wanted to share which is Beauty  and Vintage ...When I see the whole city my heart felt so soft and bursting with joy since that GOD made this city very clean .. no trash... people living their are so kind .. and VINTAGE... more like mini Paris for me...  Okay !! People today don't appreciate,EARTH!! why ?? because people nowadays are modern and very dirty .even myself throw garbage everywhere..but When I see the whole city  I realize God created the Earth and need to be appreciated with LOVE AND CARE. 

ME , YOU , ALL of us to the same thing over and over again do you remember when CFC or Chlorofluorocarbon  arises earth .. people discovered that and use it to make HAIRSPRAYS  which Damages the O-zone layer..When the O-zone layer becomes so thin it creates a whole  and the whole serve as the passage way of suns ultraviolet rays!!Those Rays can harm us and even plants ..Heat can make people get cancer or too much heat cause us to DIE ....

God created earth SO lets I view our self and make a better life and a better world ..Don't let earth DIE because without it we are not here at all!!

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  1. I absolutely agree with you Charlie that we must consrve the earth and take better care of it, especially for the next generations!
    This is my first visit to your blog and I must say you are a very talented young man and I really enjoyed your projects. TFS!!

    1. Thx a lot Bente your cool ...I'm talented ....??? Woah.... hahaha bjt tbx al
      Lot you gave a heart blast

  2. Charlie this is amazing and I can't believe you're 16!!! You seem older Than that and mature beyond your years. Thank you so much for leaving me such beautiful messages on sb.com. I'm a new follower here and I hope you can swing by my blog too.

    1. Oh my keren thx for following my blog and now your a certified Timers or tick tockers.... hey i saw you on sb.com all the time...I loved your work there are so cute and indeed awesome...am I mature too you lol1!!!I loved my layouts to be inspirational and a story teller


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