Another project for school!!!


Hi !!!

Since I was  Gone about a week  and I absolutely thought  I was gone for a century ...Duh !! scrapping is my life !!So I had a lot of activities in school , test , project ,  events  ,everything !! but I didn't stop  scrapping .. 

Well of course today I'll show you my New canvas actually its so simply because this canvas was not really meant for scrapping it is meant to be at our  Values  class  because its our project at school  and need to be past until tomorrow ,So I did this very   fast !!!!

So all of you are wondering if what this   word mean ..This canvas state  in "Tagalog" language that says : "Ang pagtrabaho ng tama ay di dapat ipagwalang bahala" it means working correctly should not be ignore"  the theme goes about Working 

Here are some tiny pics on my canvas

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