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Yeheey , Its  layout  Advice time !!
Well I've been busy making my shabby vines ,then  I realized I could make my new layout with  my tips and techniques

So The great thing about making layout is   that there are many embellishments to put on and yup ! it is  a good  way to  preserving your wonderful memories

well   for the past month I've been dealing with mixed media and I'm just addicted with it! so here are great tips 

When making mixed media be sure to  use the right amount of paints or inks in the layout {I'm preferring you to use golden  Gesso or  textile paint ,it works great} 
When using  paints be sure that you don't paint the image because your photo will be  damage
Finally never ever use some low quality of paints {Ye! it happens to me  when i first scrap !}

For the techniques :

After applying gesso  you should mist it with you shimmer mist .Use a mask to make some cute patterns on the layout 
If you want some vintage look you could use some book pages the old ones , and after distressing you could tear a big part of the paper !

here what i did with my layout using all the tips and techniques

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