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 Timers and tick-tockers ! HELLO!! 
And what's up !! 
Its been 2 weeks not posting to this blog or even creating project ( I am very busy these days with school and such ) my schedule is very hectic and  I hate ,I need to wake up every week at 7:30 am in the morning and go home around 7:00 pm !! (its so insane !!1 but God has a purpose so let it be !)

 Today's project is for Once upon a sketch and eek!!! I submitted too late ! but I made this layout around Nov. 15 but of course didn;t post it again since I am super busy !! Yet here is it and it is inspired by one and only "YOU GUYS"

 Journaling is on the back :
I made this layout  to remember those people who helped me, supported me and also guided me to what I am now. I would like to offer this layout to all of my friends , my family and most of all to God. Without you all I am nothing , no shimmerlyscrappy , no paperflowerboy , no bordy and most all no Charllie's Time . When I was 11 I started scrapbooking and I guess I'm not good with it , yet I found you guys who keep me inspired , motivated and most of all, you  given me a chance to have things that I don't have here at the Philippines  . You offered me so much not just material things but FRIENDSHIP , LOVE, AND A FAMILY . 

Thank you all For supporting and most all thank you to THOSE Who become close to me 



 The colors are  Dark and vintage themes over a contrast Happy and Jolly design . The Dark and vintage colors symbolizes the TIMELESS memorize and moment you shared to me , Jolly colors cuz in each of these moment you gave me laughter and a big smile :)

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  1. Great layout Charlie, but I love all of your layouts. They are fresh and creative, like that!! Thanks for playing with us at OUAS!

  2. Charlie, Thank you so much for sharing all of your gorgeous work with us in 2014!! I look forward to seeing more of your art in 2015!! You have talent that is amazing!!! Keep up your studies, and keep creating your art!! xoxoxo I m glad to have inspired you the way you inspire me!!!


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