A Blast of ART for Christmas ~ Z&Z and LPF


Hi Guys, Charllie here and I’m Back .. Good morning timer’s and tick-tockers and What time is it? It’s Charllie’s time!

It’s been a while since I blogged and crafting , I absolutely  busy with school and health ( actually I’m not feeling well , I have stomach pains and I hardly didn’t sleep. I hope you guys can pray for me, and help me to cure this stomach or abdominal pain)  Oh well Merry Christmas EVERYONE !

Oh Christmas it’s been such a pleasure to see you again , even though Dad is gone L . Oh well Today is a very special blog post since it is for my deepest favourite blog of all and that is ONCE UPON A SKETCH . 

 Here is my prroject made for this month LAST SKETCH
 Journaling (at the back)

This layout is offered to OUAS This is the major Last sketch they had and I am very sad as well as the others too, I know this is not the end but a new beginning to us . I made this layout  to remember that December is were I complete my journey and end this new chapter , As a young aspiring artist I started this journey by opened a page and read Once upon a sketch I dreamed , I aspired and most of all I shared . This things Is all what I learned from This BLOg , Which made my talents Improved , slightly furnished and most all given me chance to fulfill little about my dream , And OUAS is not just a blog  it's my story ,your story and most all This is The book that we all shared to begin a new start but  as we closed this book , let us as put in our hearts and in our minds that ONCE UPON A SKETCH , We started  a Whole new DESTINY 


This 2 project is for my DT , I made a scrapbook album and a Cover of a Photo-album . First I created a christmas tree ornament , You can hang this on a tree as well as it will serve a fun way to put your photos , I used ornamental beads and chipboard  from ZEUS AND ZOE . and stamped it up using Lapitite Frnacais stamps ,  and the next one is a  Replica of my favorite novel and favorite Webisode which is Ever after HIGH ( I know it's girly yet its fantastic) I made this photo-album cover using paints and chipboard form Zeus and Zoe as well as I stamped the background with LPF stamped and added golden  handmade embellishments , This 2 project was given to afriend of mine  for our exchanging of Christmas Gift , I got a Digital media magazine that is suitable for scrapbooking it sort of mixed media using Photoshop


The Original book sorry it's kinda Blury ( No time to take photos )

thanks !! muah

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  1. These are fabulous Charllie! I love that you made a special layout dedicated to OUAS!

    1. Hey thanks for folllowing my blog @heather .. I always love OUAS and it will always be in my heart ! :)

  2. Love the layout and all the other things you made and so so sweet you made the last one in honor for OUAS! Thank you for playing along so many times with your vivid style ! x

    1. Thanks wilma for all your support and visiting my blog !!!! Thank you Too

  3. What a lovely, vibrant, GORGEOUS LO you've done using our very last OUAS sketch...thank you so much for all your talent & energy which you have contributed to our challenges.....& I'm loving your other projects too. Blessings, Charlie - & hoping those stomach issues get sorted out, too:):)

    1. ahhh thanks Lizzy such been a pleasure you'd see my works and your talented too .. I like your works !! Thank you so much !!


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