D.I.Y.scrapbook backgrounds (video Tutorial)


                                    What's Up Internet !!

 Well hello guys ! Miss you so much and I am thrilled to share crafty stuff again . I was sick all week and I can't barely move my body, I suffered Tonsillitis and it was awful . Today I  want you to all know that maybe in a few months I will not have an HD video  File on you-tube or any of my photos on my blog , Since the camera that I am using is my phone , and that phone was stolen from me by a Bastard "Pick pocket-er". Sorry if  I shared the bad news . I was really frustrated and  need to let it out .

Today I am sharing a video tutorial on how to make your own Scrapbook background or paper .  This is the last video that I filmed before the phone was stolen. In my future post you will also see scrapbook layouts that was taken from my phone and that is all I have for know. I asked my Mom if we could buy a new phone ,she said yes , yet we should find a phone that is  similar to my older phone's  camera pixel . ( my older phone is very expensive and we can't waste money just to buy the same phone , So we need to find cheaper ones )  ( We also planned to buy DSLR for my photos . Then I told my mom ,we can but it is much better if we wait until School start , after all that camera is needed for my Course. 

 So Thank you guys for  reading and watching my video , I hope you'll subscribe and like :) 

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