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Hi Everyone!
Welcome back to my Blog and Happy Thursday!
I'm very sorry for not posting a lot due to extensive work you can call  it as Workaholic . I know that I don't have any jobs yet  College is super busy  and I could not barely  do such stuff like scrap booking. 

Last week at my Instagram account I posted that I will share my 
project on my blog on Tuesday, Yet I didn't,because I was so busy doing school stuffs. So to make it up to you guys I was planning to post today since I don't have anything to do.After all, I didn't go to school due to chicken Pox (That's right, I'm contagious) I have rashes on my feet and on my left arm. I am perfectly fine (no need to worry) :)

 No Time waste , here is my project called 
The Unfairest day ever 
the artistry of  this piece is made out of the things that I loved  . It was called the unfairest day ever because  this piece only shows all the things that I love and not the things that I hate  ( Where's Is balance if you just add the things you only like ).. This piece shows a message that If the world is full of nice things , It will end up too beautiful and scattered . 


  1. First foremost , I used a kraft box as canvas 
  2.  I painted the edge  with White acrylic paint 
  3. I added some beautiful papers , I used Maja for this one
  4. Distress the paper using scissors or cutter (be careful when you used it )'
  5. Adhere the paper on the corners and in the front 
  6.  After that add  some Left over die-cuts, paper, or any sticker sheet
  7. Paint the  paper with white paint again but this time make its Transparent ( White washing )
  8. Spray some colorful sprays and paints , I used gelatos, Tattered angels, and some Lindy's sprays 
  9. And the fun part , add the embellishments make sure that its scattered and beautifully place ( I used prima fabric flower, Prima flowers, Prima resins , Lace , Metal gears , feathers , and stickers 
  10. Then Final touch is to used a correction pen or liquid eraser and let it  drip  inside the flowers 
  11. Then you're done 
                                             CLOSE UPS

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  1. A beautiful canvas! So many beautiful details to look at.

    1. Thanks jen Happy to see you visiting my blog :)


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