Memoirs~How to create steam-punk TEXTURE


        Hello Everyone Charllie here, and welcome to my blog .Today I have to share one of my vintage work created for Zeus and Zoe. I know a lot of you guys keep asking me how did I do my vintage texture well Here is it :) Actually we don't have any school today (School-break ) So this upcoming november is the start of our 2nd semester in collge . I hope IT will sure be fun and a little bit busy LOL.. So no time to waste and here is It :)

        I added a lot of greens and gold tones  to create a steam-punk effect  (I also tried to convey a Halloween ) . This is an album for an event I did for my school , actually this is a school project yet I did mine as a scrapbook album

        I know the colors are to die for , I love the combination plus the embellishment from zeus and zoe really worked well, especially the vintage trinkets .. very lovely ..... You could check out the store for more info on the products.. I also used tons of prima Roses . The roses really fit on each of the parts.. and I was really shocked on how all the embellishment gather together and make  it as a bang :)
             That's all guys and I hope Youll follow my blog and make sure to like my video on you-tube and hit subscribe :)


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  1. I love watching your videos Charllie. So much fun to watch you create! A beautiful album. Great advice on using sprays. I'm still afraid of anything wet medium. I don't do unplanned random very well. LOL

    1. hahah thanks for watching my friend so happy you'd checkout my video :)


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