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Hello everyone Welcome again Today is a happy day . Last month I was voted and Won as the first place winner on Once-upon-A-Sketch on my Once is enough layout . Everyone says it was indeed wonderful and have a very wonderful message . And thank you for everyone who voted and like my work .. I am so Pleased that I won the Flying unicorn gift certificate and It was my first time to buy all my wanted products on a online store .. I choose lots of prima for I am a Prima marketing addict LOL!! So  I am still waiting for the package .. And If I got it well must say I will truly create a wonderful layout ... . Every winner on OUAS needs to be a Guest designer !!! So this time It's my turn To Wow you all 

Today's Project is again a layout with the use of OUAS sketch . the sketch tells anything goes this will be on my journaling too .. I tried to used all the stuff  given by Friend Jennifer  and I will tell her this is the project !! LOL So no more blah blah !!! here is it 
Journaling : Your special
Everybody is special , everybody is unique , everybody has its own  power and Personalty . No one can judge you who you are and what you want to be , It is you who need to judge yourself ... just be you and If you want change , Change in a good way .. be anything you go or you want to be ,because life is in your hands as long its in a good kind of way  ...Be anything be unique . ..... !!! Remember Your the one who can judge yourself !!

Thanks !!

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  1. Another amazing LO! Love how you layer with so much detail and fun stuff to look at. So happy to see wood veneer popping up on your page and I love the way you used the butterfly stamp.... washed over? Looks like it is peeking through a deeper layer. Congrats on your win last month. Well deserved. That page was stunning. Yay to prize goodies in the mail to you. Very exciting! :)

  2. Thank you againJen .. I am very happy thise stuff created a wonderful layout especially the leaves fr the punch ahhh ... crazy and very lovely too


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