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Hello Everyone
Charllie here again ,your Time Keeper . These past few days I have missed scrapping ( I miss it like crazy !!), I'm on a vacation that time and I have so much Fun!! Away from so much stress and also to recover from what happened to my Dad .

Yes I got on my creative place and It seems I started scrapping again . I guess I'm renewed or reborn-ed !!  Oh well today is to share my photos from my vacation trip and sharing anew project created with a tutorial !!

HERE are the photos !!
Sorry Timers if my Camera was not similar to the one I used on my other videos ( I used my phone every time I record and the bad news is ,I can't transfer my videos to my computer to edit it  , so now I can only upload my Vlog videos  only using my phone since that Vlog videos doesn't need to be edit unlike TUTORIALS) yet I used my ordinary camera for video !!!


This Wallet was given by my beautiful Aunt Roda , at first the wallet was not good as it look like now , it was pink , have bleaches and color fades !! Since the  wallet is leather I can colour it , prime it and altered it , this way I could make it very fashionable .

I didn't add so much paper on it because I don't want to destroy the whole thing when  water accidentally spills out on my wallet! So I used lot of fabric and of course I matte it With glue for Security!!
  I just randomly add layers on the wallet made it fab and awesome

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  1. Wow Charllie such a great altered project!! It turned out beautiful and I love the nature inspired colours of brown and green. Glad you are enjoying the glitter tape! It is so versatile. :) Ha ha to barking dogs. I have two and they sometimes bark at the worst times too. ;)

    1. Thank you Jen !! and I guess it was accidentally it turned out nature colors .. At first wanted to make it brown and more steam punk but when I added green I just go with the flow/ The 2 dogs were not mine it from our neighbour .. their evil every time I do videos they bark all day long !! hahaha your dogs are funny !!! by the way the glitter tape is awesome I thought it was a ribbon but when I use it , it was tapeLOL


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