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Hello Everyone Charllie here and again another new Start to finish tutorial  to share this time I include both Prima Challenge the Prima BAP and PPP.  This time I used tons of mixed media supplies and inks to create this Hybrid layout  and it takes me 2hrs to finish it , isn't it insane ahhh .. even this video editing and uploading at you-tube makes me crazy !!!! 

Oh well It's my job to inspire you guys even if I am not earning money ,as long as I shared love and art I'm good with that .Actually I create a Prima Bap layout for this month but I didn't like it and I torn  it down and use the scraps in this new layout . I love prima PPP this month but the  sketch was good but It's not my style so I change it a little so .. I used the circles at the bottom and the arrow above ,the only thing I changed is to put the whole thing in the side  .. Since I am bothered with too much embellishments and less space for the background paper.

Okay  I like to thank everyone for watching my video yesterday and I know few have  watched , But at least  I am happy that I inspired you !! 
BAP april 2014 maniApril 2014 ppp

This layout is all about colors & love , When mixed together  we sure make a magical rainbow slide LOL!! If you know what I mean. In life we need to be a " Rainbow ", Full of life ", Full of embrace ,Full of  love of God and the vibrant rays and love of our parents . In life we need to keep the colors Vibrant and healthy by showing LOVE !! LOVE expresses us to burst in this colors love is like a sun and we are the prism  . Once hit by love we burst  " COLORS"


Prima -pearl penache cider #537951
Prima-fairy tale Roses buttercup 3538644
Prima-mini bouquet Bethany #538576
Prima-wood icons #960216
Prima -wood borders #960223
Prima-Soprano c #561703
Prima -Soprano f  #561666
Prima -Symhony blend andante white #537814
Prima-elyssa wheat #55205
Prima - Monogram Printery #843533
Prima-Tiny Alphabhets #550158
Prima-Pastel Pink #891725
Prima - roses Bud chalk Edger #891046

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  1. Hi, Charllie!

    Dropping by or just visiting your blog to say thanks for serving as design team member of the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog. Don't be shy to post on your Creative Resume and also your past design team that you've been with the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog as an design team member and have been producing scrapbook art in mixed media form.

    Had you arrived early in this gear and arsenal of scrapbook art and the various mixed media arsenal you have, things would have taken a different course with our Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog. I'll be keeping the blog up for everyone's reference, I know you'd be doing your bout and rounds with most international scrapbooking sites. And I do wish you the best and I know you'd pass all with flying colors.

    I have seen your work develop and evolve. And the projects you submit for the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog are the real masculine ones in design style. The ones I see and hope you'd display in our Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog are the cheery, bright and indeed happy ones depicted in your layouts.

    Much regards to your arts and crafts. Good luck in your studies in college and continue doing wonders in the scrapbooking industry abroad or internationally and do return to help our local scrapbooking industry.

    I saw your started doing sketches, the very ones best for our digital stamps for our card design team section for a truly Filipino taste in our card designs. Maybe someday. You may go ahead should you wish. I'm proud of you already.

    Much regards, care and thanks,
    Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez

  2. Dear Charlie, I first saw a piece of your art work on OUAS and thought this is amazing! I just finished watching your video and thoroughly enjoyed your creative thought process. I wish you much luck and success. I just know you are a rising star in the craft world.

  3. Hi work is amazing... love use lovely colors ...

  4. Love this LO! I never get tired of watching you create! You are amazing!! :)


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