A frosty night @rt Journaling !!


Hello  Everyone who's  up for a Christmas Journaling isn't it fun ,right ?? I love art Journaling because it gives me a new world and a new design !! I love painting especially with the aid of using papers , Inks are very my style too ... right now I created a art journal page for my holiday its like a house with a start above .. and the star represent wear new  born Jesus is !! I love Christmas is like getting love , share and love Vacation LOL ! No class for me this entire week but will be back at school at 16,17,18 and go on to our class Christmas party .. mmm. let us see what will I get for this year Christmas party ( I will be graduating this year so, this is my last class christmas party .. hope all is well ) so No time to be bragging here my work hope you like it

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  1. This is beautiful! Please add a "Follow by Email"button so I can keep up with every post!


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