Day 12 for Prima ~ Merry Christmas


Hey Everybody sharing a new shabby chic tag I 've created for Day 12 on Prima Marketing , I know this challenge is so awesome , thanks to Jennifer Snyder for Sharing the challenge!! I told My A.K.A scrap MOM (LOL!! it's Jennifer Snyder) that I won't join the challenge since I am busy at school , oh well  It  turned out I got a fever and didn't went to school and this is the reason why I  have time to do the challenge!

Day 12 was the time to use flowers , I know I fited on that day and I feel lucky on joining day 12, So In my christmas card I used 3 flowers  , and If your wondering on the curvy , fuzzy thing on the tag , well if you don't mind  it's " Left over Bamboo" ( at School We have Girl scouts and they are making  gadgets out of bamboo , so when they sharpen  a bambbo they will left an curvy and fuzzy wood  ornament which is perfect for  christmas )

And of course I was inspired on the color  of this picture on prima Place!!  as you can see th red brightens me up and I did a touch of green to make awesome !!
Day 12 Flowers

I used Lyric Collection paper 12x12, Prima flower "pearl panache Cider", Prima Lace, Prima canvas Flowers , Prima basic flat flower , Prima say it Crystals !!

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