Colour Texture Layout (tute) : Prima November Bap


This layout was made on the first day of November but then I? refused myself to post this on the first day (I don't want to be Mr. 1st poster LOL! ) yet I'm here to post this !! Well It's kinda rude to make a layout in modern style since I am more on the grunge side and shabby side yet I  try !!  This time I incorparate my style with Watercolours  I 'm very addicted to it since then I bought a lot of watercolours from pans to tubes, It's fantastic , nice to work with

I stick on the emotion of  purple and pink , I don't know Why I love to use these colors on my page !! Okay here is the sketch and my wonderful message

2013 November BAP Lene Bjornerud
MESSAGE: ( Put Your Shades ON)
Put your shades on is not litterally putting shades ,  It' means hiding yourself on reality , You know the term "Pretending ", Oh hate that way !! I know many people pretend , to benefit themselves and to gain something , Like LYING .. Being a person you need to have virtues  and values . I agreed to it , even myself ,forget  that lying is bad and need to stop.. I lied to my classmates whenever they want to borrow my phone , I said (My phone was out , or Low battery ) ( I don't want them to borrow because maybe they will broke my phone ) I'm not naive  but I need to be careful since my phone is super expensive and very sentimental . I realize that lying Is bad but nobodys perfect!!!

Photo : taken when I was out at park for practice play !!


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  1. Totally gorgeous Charlie!! You rocked the watercolors!!!

    1. Thank you lisa ... yes watercolors rocked it ...

  2. Wow! Your work is amazing.... lovely colors!!
    Thank you for your nice comment in my blog. ;)

    1. Thx and nah dont thank me visiting your blog afterall you blog is amazing

  3. Stunning with the WOW factor. Love the bright colours.


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