Merry Christmas Everyone : Top 12 Favorites Crafty works!!


Merry christmas everyone and advance happy new year ! This whole year is been so great yet been super busy for me because I have school . It is very hard to schedule up my crafty works to my homework ( but my big priority is (of course) School!!) .I wonder how this life is been way to crazy to a 16 year old , and  a lot of fun lol!! This year I had recieved a lot ,not just things but oppurtunities , new open doors come to me , Like wise being on my first DT , Sketchabilities and my first Store DT , Zeus and Zoe . I  recieved a lot of  things such as new scrapbook supplies that I never had in my life ( Our country is very limited on scrappy supplies)  , those scrappy stuff are came to my DT's and of course some are gifts from my friends.
I would like to thank those persons that share there scrappy supplies to me : JENNIFER SYDNER , KARAN GERBER and  JENNIFER SHAW 

-this album is created prior to my Math class and was been my favorite all this year because it represents myself  in a mathematical form . the album is based on what I like and what I adore (psst.. this is my first time to do seam binding )


-This time Is for CSI  ( I love CSI but then , I started to stay away a bit  ,since I am super busy ) but here is my take this is my favorite cuz the white paint  reacts on papers and turns out this effect

This is a wonderful bright colored work, I just love the purple and the goody layers

This one is a very shabby work. The  Flower clusters are so great . This one is made just for fun and doesn't include any challenges!!
This one was  made for my birthday .. All the colors are so  lovely and very pink !! STYLISH


Well school starts and did'nt much have time for scrapping, Anyways I loved this project since it is very electing and brighty.. I love love the clusters and the inks dropping off!!

This is so amaing .. I love the story hidden on this layout so fun and very true .. Aside from the story  this one rock my scrappy stuff .. I had fun creating !!


This one is totaly crazy I love the idea and the mix media piece it have !!

This outrageous and Gorgeous  the inks are dropping off and the wings are crisp love it !!


This one is Super vintage and shabby .. This one is made prior to submit my PRIMA BAP

This one was a slam to modern layout !! I tried to mix modern and vintage and bam !! I had used my new prima supplies on this piece!!

I have quite small project for this month !! It been loaded to me but I guess I could handle the work . This layout is made for prima BAP which I hade used super golden colors !!

I hope more blessings to come and I wish all my dreams went  come true !! And  I hope I could still scrap since in just a couple of month I will be on college and thing will be busy for me and I also hope I will have time to do thise fun hobby

I would like to thank my scrappy friends  and my family who keep supporting me through out this whole year ... And wishiong you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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  1. Your works are awesome!

    1. THANK YOU ! fOR LIKING and watching my works !! thx

  2. Charllie, this has been an amazing year for you- it's been so fun watching your style and talent evolve. Keep it up! All the best to you in 2014 :)


    1. Thank you Erin For the wonderful inspiring words .. and I also Admire your works to yhey are fun and very innovative keep it up !!

  3. I am amazed at both your talent and your age-you are inspiring and I expect amazing things!

    1. I am very fluttered on your words and I am very honored and happy that you like it

  4. Wow I can only wish to have been half as talented as you at such a young age. Your work is rock! Can't wait to see what you create in 2014.


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