Improvised CANVAS :Mix-media FACES


    Hello crafty peeps and NEW TIMERS this is such a wonderful week and wonderful day to have a video tutorial!!Yehay that's right !! Today  I have an awesome idea about a  6x6  box that I bought at a local craft store !! Keep this a secret !!LOL!!

      Okay I found this Kraft box and went  brainstorming  on what kind of project I will be making , then I suddenly drop the box ,it flipped and the bottom part was staring at me and telling me that " Please used me you !! That became an Idea, we only alter the lid of the box so why can,t we CHANGE THE WAY IT DOES?? 

       I  gesso the  part of the box ,Iremove the lid and added Tissue paper on the bottom part of the box to have a canvas texture (but you could use watercolour paper or  canvas cloth if you have) I went crazy about this idea and I hope crafters will know this magic of mine 

Okay here is it and now it is HANGED on my wall And I am happy about it !!

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  1. Charlie,
    This so amazing!!

    Super talented ka talaga!!

  2. Terrific tutorial! Love watching you create. :) Wonderful canvas.

  3. Clever idea with the box lid...I love the hanging must look great in your room!


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