Bye Bye Sketchabilities : Karan Gerber thx..


   Hello Eveyone Just a quick post with a wonderful message  for Karan  Gerber (the owner of the famous Sketchabilities ). I love love her sketches as well as her Attitude (so kind, and talented) karan this is For you,

A Rare GoodBye
   Dear  Karan
                Thank you and I am glad that you have become a part of my scrappy life , You send me gifts (But I think  It will be on sept ,I check out the post but it was not there ) , But again thank you. Your the first Scrappy gal I chat with a video  and talk about my problem ... I know the stamp company kinda  tricky but I will get there soon and I promise you'll be my mentor on the stamps LOL!! I will totally miss you , but This  Good bye is so rare  not a typically goodbye that it will end ,a goodbye that will return and say hello to you ,smile and Say HEY!!

               Karan you've been a great influenced to me and to my career , I am honored that God set me to know you and Givbe me an inspiration!! Just keep up the good work and  be happy!! I know someday sketchabilities will be a BANG!! bye Muah !! and I shall return !!

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  1. HI Charle, its been such a pleasure to work with you for three months, to chat with you, f/b with you, and get to know you. Our God is an awesome God and I know he has great plans for you and your future. And in Gods time, I know your ideas for stamps will be a reality, and I will be smiling big smiles when i see great things happening for you.

    Best of luck to you Charle, I know i will be seeing you online and on facebook too :D

    much love


  2. Charlie you are so talented and so kind too, I am sure you will have a great future as scrapper and artist


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