FRNDS Guest Designer at C.S.I. JULY


Hello  Crafty Gals Been super Happy about  This News!! For The month of JULY I will be Guest designing  at C.S.I. In which I will blast you all with colors....LOL! and tons of tutorials!!

Its a hard and busy week for me . I guess  school gives me  tons of work  .. and I'm tired but I will never give up with my passion for crafting ..School is  fun but sometimes assignments and tests are the things that bring tons of work .. I only scrap every saturday and  do my homework at SUNDAY..

my badge !! YEhay!!

Well  stop that School thing!! It's my crafty Day let The TIME be CRAFTY ...And this is Your Time Keeper ,Charllie

This month's Color is more at red and blue .. Which indicate the  4th of july (here at the Philippines we don't Celebrate 4th of july )
So Red and blue is a difficult color  and I'm freaking scared to put them on a layout LOL!! But thanks To God the layout is okay ..For you guys who want to see how I created the layout just LOOK at top of this post

Meet my FRNDS :
 The photo is taken at Bacolod Lagoon for our farewell party 

In the layout I added Lot of fun details such as Adding many layers of paint and paper..  the red is not too vibrant and overpowering .. the colors varrie very well and doesn't hide the details!!
 I added " ME" on the photo To indicate where I am ! As you can See we are holding a certificate which it indicate what we truly are in school for example :  Charllie G. Certified Scrapper 
To indicate The fourth of July I added a chipboard star from Hallmark

I'm Out of flowers so I made a rolled flowers and dandelions  !!

Thx ..Love Charllie 

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  1. Great tutorial. Loved watching your process. :)

    1. Thx for watching and im glad toublike my process..andnsorry for my voice...iwasnt feelong okay when i record my voice

  2. Hi Charlie! This layout is absolutely gorgeous, you are totally blowing my mind right now!! I'm happy to be a new follower too ;D Take care!!

    1. Oh...a new follower yehay.. and welcome....thank you for appreciating my work such a pleasure thanks..

  3. I love to see you create!!!!!! You inspire me!!!! Love both the layout and journal page!!! I think my favorite is the handmade stamps! Congratulations on your guest designer spot at CSI this month! Keep studies first and play when you can:)

    1. Oh thank you dara for liking my handmade stamps...they last a life time lol...and thank for watching my crazy videos...thank you...and im glad j inspired you with my creation

  4. Wow,Charllie!!! I just LOVE watching you create a layout. You seem to have so much fun. I love how you say "it doesn't have to be perfect" but in the end, your pages ARE perfect; full of life, full of colour, full of you :-D. You are really talented. Thank you for posting these tutorials.


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