A Vibrant Age for manners~CSI 47


Hello Everyone!!
As you can see I have been addicted to the  Jolly ,outrageous and unormal schemes from Ta DA!! CSI...
They have awesome colors this week They are heading up with red !!..

I was wondering if my layout suits to the scheme, I think my red is too much ,Is it ?? Well The red is so vibrant , I don't know why . I edit the process of my mixed media layout but unlucky me this  metallic  mist started to light up my layout  nd turning all the page in Pinky red  I don't think CSI would like it !! rah-rah-rah 
Okay heres my vibrant red layout ..

A Vibrant Age  for  manners

  • stripes
  • floral pattern
  • frames
  • greenery/foliage
  • gold metal accents
  • flourishes (inspired by all the curves on the furniture)

  • Write your journaling as an etiquette guide to whatever your situation is that you're documenting. Could be humorous.
  • Add flourishes to your journaling spot
  • Inspiration Words: visit, manners, welcome-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title
Journaling :
            When we are young we always acting silly or sometimes "Stubborn ",I know We are immature That time ,But When we grow up or ways , manners and looks changed ..Oh I miss those days !!
             He I am at my younger age .I think I was 10 or 9 here .In the photo I am acting the Proper etiquette of Sitting lol!! Actually This photo shows, I myself as kid  doing UNORMAL manners !! 
              I miss this old days ,when I am so cute ,fun ,stubborn and lovable ..For me being a kid Is the time I'll never forget ,A super great felling and free for everything.. and everything has an END!!!

BTW here is my Mix media Canvas 


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