CSI Case file No.45~"Every Home Comforts A Family "


Hey Friends!!

Happy Sunday ,Well it's been  a fun weekend for me Since I  did a lot of time scrapping!! Indeed  CSI ~Color stories inspiration rocked My weekend !! The new Case File w/c Is the case file # 45 Had some neutrals this week and I am totally  a Fan!!

Oh Well here is the challenge:
CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration

As I promise I would make the layout more Vintage and old looking!

Here is my layout I used dusty attic's chipboard  vase (actually the vase has a handle but I trim it off ,Since it distract the photo!!)I Capture the image On Nov. 2012 from our house it is my MOM and Dad's fave place ,a Coffee table with a good sunlight !!

Every Home Comforts A Family 
         (Gosh I love the title I made )

  • book pages
  • buttons
  • silver metal accents
  • vintage text element (e.g. ephemera)--inspired by that poster in the background
  • textured paper
  • mostly cardstock with one patterned paper

  • Document a favorite room in your house. Include details about why you love it.
  • Inspiration Words: family, comfort, home--use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title


      (A Coffee Table)This is My Parents favorite spot at the house they both like to chat , drink coffee and mostly  express there love for each other..I remember when My Mom purchase this She is was  very excited and Ask Dad if he like it too,after that  Dad said yes and Finally they buy this table! Actually this is my fave table since This is  the spot were I read books!!

           A coffee Table !!For me is not just a coffee table but a table were all experiences , moments and especially memories are been treasured!!! A table the comfort us in every step we take and every stress , every bad moments   we have.This table is the spot that me and my family had Spend time for relaxing.As I said in the title "Every Home Comforts A Family"

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