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Hi everyone it's Charllie here and I'm back for another project and this will be entered to May boards challenge on  Maja designs . It's been a while that I never filmed a tutorial for you guys, and I am so freaking excited to share this piece since it has a tutorial . Last week I ask you guys if you want a tutorial about the layout that I created , and I guess two person said yes so finally I filmed this video for you guys .

I am super excited to share this layout for its about blessings and the miracles of my life are my baby cousins,  they are the cutest thing ever so I  used there photo for this month's challenge

I used the summer basics, autumn basic , spring and even my fave Margaret's Garden (Maja papers are amazing there fun and amusive ) ( if you want the full list of supplies just watch my video above the blog post)

The May board challenge is incredibly soft so I tend to create softer edges and colors , I pick  out tons of pink for this project (I guess it more cuter if its pink )

From now on I will be  Sharing  new tutorial videos every week , all of this videos will be called CRAFT MOMENTS . Don't Forget to click  the Subscribe button  to see more videos every week

No time to waste here is my project


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  1. I enjoyed watching your video and listening to you talk about what youre doing!

    1. Venus thank you so much !! I am glad you like It :)


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