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Hello Everyone ! Hi and what a day mid term  Exams will be on this monday and until the 2nd week and I am super busy doing my projects as well as studying for the I  need your support guys pls. pray for me :) God is always there and no need to be scared... 

So this is my very first blog hop, I'm in a fresh start so pls.. don't hestitate to laugh LOL!!
 Okay last time I was nominated on the big blog tour by MONICA LAWRANCE .. She is a wonderful gal , she is very creative ,supportive,kind and most all she is on the go !!! As a friend  Monica,  is the person that you can ask anything and let her advice for you .  Try visiting her blog its really fantastic..  She create lots of projects which are nice to see and learn from.

Here are my 4 questions that need to be answered before I pass along my nominations. I'll give you my answers then lead you to 1 amazing artists you will love visiting!  (I only nominated one because all of my scrappy friends on facebook was already nominated  and wow this blog hopping is sure BIG!!)

1. What am I working on?

             God Have given me such a wonderful talent and showered me with blessings , this whole scrapping thing given me such a wide world for friends and art . Today I am just working on my Exams and Also having a prima challenge project ,by the way here is it !! I won't put the product list cuz I feel so awkward about it  but hereit goes (I used Stationer desk by PRIMA . This project also uses a photo by a daughter of my friend  Ingvild Bolme . she is a friend of mine in instagram , she is known for her big prima style ... I ask her about the photo If I could used it and she said yes  and  I need to put her on credits because I don't own the photo ..thank you by the way ingvild for letting em used it ..the photo of her daughter fits my page and I totally love it 

                                         CLOSE UPS UNDER 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

For me , my work differs since it includes hidden story  and my technique doesn't repeat everytime . I used diferemt style from my scrapbook pages as well us my painting , digital works and so on

                              3. Why do I create or write?

                     Simple because I love art , I love doing it .I create Scrapbook pages for sentimental values and for my drawings simply want to peruse the people through my message , I do blogging inorder to spread my work share it and want to teach people new techniques and my life .

               4. How does your writting and  crating process work ??

Tough question , well I say I am doing what I want .. and always trying to be honest to my work .. and I don't want to tell a lie to anybody about my life , my drawing and other stuff . my procces is just simple just doing what I want and be free to  be you !!

 So here Is my  Only one nomine 

MARIVIC CLIFTON (my First Filipino  Scrapping Friend )

                      My so called , gal of the business, she owns an etsy store named Zeus and zoe , (actually work for her LOL) she is a wonderful friend more like a mom or a sister to me , we chat all the time  , telling fun stuff and relating such stories, MArivic also owns berry71bleu ,( I know B71B is so Famous and I home Z&Z will too LOL) hahaha. She is creative , busy LOL , and most of all a lovable mom to her daughter and sons .. 

That's it for now. and thank you everyone !!!

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  1. So beautiful, Charllie. Love the depth to this and what a sweet girl to scrap a photo of. Loved learning more about your creative process in this post. Good luck with your studies. I am sure you will do terrific! :)

  2. Thanks jen I'll wish you luck too.. for your upcomming sewing process. Godbless..thanks for visiting again


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