Hello everyone and thanks God I got home .....
Well last week me and my whole family went at my  grandparents house for Easter ..we are so happy leaving peaceful there, but the thing is I can't scrap due to the vacation...

So finally I got myself hands on to scrap and share with you my new CSI Creation....The layout  Is made using my imagination about Chandeliers and gladly I found it amazing
Check out under For tutorial how I made this Chandelier!!!

Bird cage
Stripes=yellop ribbon
Pinwheel=spiral flower
Personality poem.....
1stJournaling seen at the layout
2nd Journaling hidden made poem

What scrappers do
Arts and crafts are the thibgs scrappers do
Scissors,papers,markers,inks and glue
These are the common things they used for
Making layouts,crafts ,and so much more

Treasuring moments are what we make
To see life of our past that we take
Writing a story on every page
Is like dancing on a silent stage

We are inspired by our hearts with love
The talents we pursur,our designs
Great vision came fron above
Our vrilliant arts,story we write of...

A scrapper never dislike his art
For he do it by love from his heart
Everday we see a great vision
And make it as a great creation

Close ups!!
     So I start of with a plane scrap chipboard and I white wash the center using a poster paint and then mist it using a tooth brush and acrylic paint....

And Now  Trace or sketch a dusty attic Chipboard on a piece of kraft paper and then fuzzy cut the outline(This tracing method could save  a piece of chipboard) and then adhere the whole CROWN at the paper using TIANYA glue similar with elmers Glue

Then Outline the edges by a ballpoint pen 
AND.. And Add  some rhinestones!! to make it look like a chandelier

Again Use a ballpoint pen to make some fuzzy curls on the CROWN..after Use Some DOT DOt paint and dab it under the layout this will serve as the  light bulbs around the chandelier ....DOT DOT paint is similar to a paint dabber...


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