A Parot Life @ Summer Layout


Dear Tickers and Timers,
                 This is your Time keeper again !! And I'm here to share a wonderful summer  Event at The Baluarte Zoo (It's only free & no payment need) ... Well Travelling sounds good  for Adventure LOL!! Okay, First I wanted to share A Bad news ,It happened yesterday , My hands Got burned and I had bruces in my left hand  and my  right hand is still okay but I'm glad my I could still post!!
                   @ Baluarte I had Tons Of fun since I saw large ostrichs,Tigers,lions , and Parots . The layout I want to share is This  Awesome blue and yellow Parot .At the entrance I saw them first so I grab my Camera and take my picture !!LOL!! And I'm scared Because they might scratch my Beautiful Face haha lol !!

                      I take the Trip as a wonderful moment in my whole life , That means it's Scrapping time ... Well need to scrap these moments so here Is PAROT LIFE

I used my Handmade Flowers  and some of my new papers i saw on the trip and some of The crafters workshop Stencils!!


 Thanks for Viewing love ,Time Keeper

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