Hello Blogger friends ! So excited for Prom (tomorrow is the event) ....Before setting myself  for Prom ,I will  share to all of you my newest layout In which I forgot to add a title ..I don't Know why I forgot to Title This ...Its kinda ridiculous to a layout without any title LOL!!! HEHEHE

Yeah!I think without a title is more better since with it you need to brain storm a nice  words or sentences as your title!!Okay !! For this layout I splattered some refill ink All over ,Stamped and last grunge every bit of it !!

I love how the layout turned out to be more reddish and more vibrant ...It makes super cool look!!! 

Here are some close ups:

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  1. Love the vibrancy and colouring of your layout! The detailing and layering is superb!


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