Merry Christmas everyone ~ A Strange Christmas layout~Blue wash Card


Hello Lovelies !!! Merry Christmas ....Yeheeey !!
Super excited Ay!! Well Christmas is the most happy day in the whole world ...Lots of foods , drinks , and mostly Sharing of LOVE !!!

I would like to thank  all Scrappers , Readers who commented ,Follow my Blog and share their Love to my Works And special Thx to those person Who Give me gifts And such .NO.1 Thx to Jenifer Synder A.K.A. Jrabs or Miss kitty about Giving me a Gift certificate at maple tree house ...

Thank God  HE had Given me Such a wonderful  Friend  and a wonderful mentor who keep inspiring me always  and Thats   jrabs!! Go on girl !!

So I am offering her A new Layout since She loved Orange I made this layout for her but no photo of her since Our printer Don't work a couple of days 

A Strange Christmas

This is my Card for My grand parents !! I hope they will like them !!This is card is measured about 5x5 Inches,, I use  a lot of blue paint  and  die cuts !!

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