Kingdom C.14 Off the Paper project (geometrical art and a wire sculpture)


 Happy Saturday Guy!
What a wonderful day and a right time making some project and upload it on my blog and in . I must say this project are really are PROJECTS in school.Its kinda hard making this whole thing but thanks for my teachers to give me this kind of project its cool and new to me . First thing my teachers say that "me and my fellow classmate will making a wire sculpture "  this is for my art class .after saying this i don't know how to make it and what  figure will i came up . My teacher   give me a art partner but absolutely that art partner is my BFFL but my bff has no talent in scrap booking or in arts so I'm the one who made this  and she all pay the expenses !LOL! here is the sculpture by the way i dont have close ups because i was in hurry making these! oh well my sculpture is a mermaid !!hope you like it !

MY!My! the next off the paper project  is a geometrical art my by me  and This is an abstract and quest what the abstract means ,well absolutely is a queen  holding its scepter", the title  is "paint the queen red " I don't know why i title this it just came out of my mind and it cute and iIlove the black felt frame i adhere with it and the cabbage roses I put with it !!

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