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Shimmerz ,happy Monday! 
and remember go shine and be divine. Today's post is inspired by Prima's product pic this April , full of shabby chic realness  and denim extravaganza. For me this is the hardest color board ever, blue is my favorite color but girl, if you put navy on it .. I might be going in  the office instead of a craft room , lol ..

But who cares, navy blue is great in this board , even though it is a dangerous color I still make it work  ( sometimes you messed up and say a curse word accidentally. because you freaking put navy blue on a pastel pink paint and makes everything look  EWW ) .. 
as they say learn from mistakes , and I did ..

Honestly the mood board is amazing I like how the pastel colors match with  navy blue and I never though of  that combo .. great job prima .. applause,  standing ovation , tears of joy . hahahah LOL

Okay let's go on , to the layout . I used my old baby picture which everyone thinks that I'm cute but I'm not , If you see a photo of a kid and liquid comes off to that nose , "ohh it's probably ice cream ".  hell no I sneeze , people !! sneeze .."

Message of my layout 

It's fun though to see memories through this photo , you can't bring back the past but you can remember the past . sometimes I wish being a kid will stay forever , why ?? because people freaking adore you  and give you money and that kind of shit called candy and when you grow up .. life sucks ... plus reality is on point..

  okay! stop with my humor I'm being serious people .. so stop mocking me hahahaha LOL  .. okay here is my layout .. I think I did my best , Nailed it !! eeek ..


prima product I used 

Disclaimer: I don't have the product number , due to lost and removed packaging :)

prima art alchemy paint -deep waters

prima romatique -A4 pack
printery  -Monogram
printery 12x12-folio
stencil mask set -mix1
stencil mask -checker
tales of you and me cobtes de toi et moi
vintage emporium-opera seria 
butterfly collection - ATC 
prima metallic flowers 
gypsy twine ezmeralda
prima innoscence coleection 
aplha stickers printery and (the pink one I don't know
prima baby  flowers
prima basic mulberry flowers 

THANKS And Remember Don't just Shimmer , be Glimmer !! Go that !!! 

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