Ingvild Bolme's Photo into a shabby chic layout


             Hello everyone and Good morning . Is it amazing to have a layout inspired by a photo in instagram? Well my beautiful and talented friend Ingvild Bolme  has this  amazing  photo of a  bricks texture of a  house . I fell in love with gorgeous pink and the saturated color wherein can attract many people . The whole image from instagram had a window and I was thinking first  that the window is a perfect match , actually I don't have the resin windows so I made a chipboard window to improvised the resin. When I first saw the image from Instagram I thought it was a mixed media paper, I told "Ingvild " If that is a paper but then she reply " It isn't " so That came up with an Idea that  if I can make a layout That look a little like the one in the photo !!. So It's a pleasing surprise that this layout was made before on 2014 but didn't post it due to not having the close ups Photos . So here is the  image from instagram and the layout ( Sorry If I don't have the close ups photos)



Here is the Layout : BIRD OF PARADISE
Trivia : The title is came from a Tropical plant 

These past days I can say I move on a little on what happened to my Dad . His burial will be  on April 2 , 2014 and will be held at the Municipality of La Castellana . I know it's hard to loss a father especially if he didn't  made it to my graduation . But I  know that even though  Dad pass , his memory will be in our heart and in our mind 

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  1. Oh this is amazing Charllie! Love how you took your inspiration. Thinking of you next week. I hope you find peace. I sent you a message on CSI email regarding a package. Keep well.

    1. thank you Jen and Promise I'll find peace even thought dad died and I'm glad you like the layout a lot .. I'll check out CI for the package and What ?? you will send again


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