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        Hello Timers and Prima peps .. I know I earlied up my post for this Bap , Well I wanted to post this since It's my most favorite layout ever  !! Plus Its not just a layout its a message since some people wanted to know who is CHARLLIE AND BORDY!! 

       Let's clarify this ,Charllie and Bordy are both my nicknames , Actually Bordy is the real one . (I know Bordy is a unique name , I think I am only in the world that has that name , Maybe this is a genius book of record lol !) Okay  Charllie was started for my scrapping life , I wanted to shorten my real name which is Charlemagne ,  and make it as "charllie " With double "L". Okay Charllie is  more often artistic and  matured in everything while Bordy is just a funny boy  who love color and Funny things .

         Okay Let's go back on my Layout . This time I take the  pink and yellow to take the lead , added some brown soft pastel and Beautiful Flowers from Prima .. I was so crazy how to make the layout since the  whole sketch is kinda hard and very difficult to achieve but it turned out well after I finished it .. You see the photo Right ?? well its indeed a certifite photoshoped edited  (yeah !! Don't think I'm bald LOL!!) 
Here is the edited photo :
2014 Feb BAP lene bornerud 2
 The layout is based  On pretty pink with matching layers of brown and yellow which is a very cute attraction to colors .. All of the pink and  yellow colors are watercolors and some are from chalk edgers which are a fAB UNION REALLY GREAT tECHNIQUE !!

PRima PRoduct Used:
Flowered tendrils #549077
Gillian flowet #553029
Pear penache cider #53795
Sopran c #561703
Exotic Gardenia South pacific #537883
wood borders#860223
Printery collection paper Pressman
Lyric collection paper
Prima tiny alphabhets stickers #563295
Prima tiny alphabhets stickers#563240
"Prima chalk edgers "


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  1. you always do fantastic stuff! you'll go far with your God-given talent :)

  2. Thank you for that ... and everyone has their own talent and all of them are God given ... not only be but everybody could to do tje same thing just believe that you can .. .. thank you hope that helps

  3. Wow stunning layout and you've really created a stunning photo with your editing.


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