Cest Toujours Fin De Semaine :OUAS MARCH


Hello Scrappy Gals And today I will be sharing with you my Work with The march sketch at OUAS .The march sketch was amazing I really love all the details and the embellishments are in great space!!

How do My Image related to the journaling??
Well in the photo you will see my Ugly face wearing a sunglasses and a fake mustache LOL!!This photo represent my way of living in weekends in such I do all the things I want with myself ,The sunglasses symbolizes covering my eyes from stress and problems while The mustache symbolizes my funny way of doing my own weekends in the best of the best WAY!!

Journaling  a the BACK of The photo:
So Cest Toujours Fin De Semaine means It's Always Weekend!!!
Yeah for me everyday is weekend...but the great thing about weekends are  being the days were I spend something I loved, Like spending time with my family and most of all myself..Yeah I spend my time to reborn myself from pain and stress at school I do it by reading books and scrapping after that I can do all my School work (Sunday = school work) ..Maybe Weekends are two short but there the days were people loved the most, were they can relax and do there thing ..It's really hard when you do school and scrapping since Only weekends are the day you can relax and scrap!!! So For me All the days are weekends so that I can feel relax everyday and have no problems or stress at all .Just use your IMAGINATION to fit in,in any SITUATION  ...,,


Someone asked me if the paper is handmade so the answer is ,Yes I made it using my Pastels and then blend it using my thumbs!! 

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  1. Love your artsy take on the challenge. Thank you sharing your page at OUAS.

  2. I am so glad that you have a release from stress... Scrapping is the same for me too. Love your layouts Charllie...

  3. WOOOW!!!! Such a gorgeous page, Charllie!!!! Thank you so much for playing along with us at OUAS!


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