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Hey Guys Happy Sunday Evening!!
Well I've been busy yesterday for a whole morning!!!! ,Why ???  Because I was finding a tutorial of the  Prima flowers of  Jules on youtube , Yes !!! I found it, but unlucky me  it was removed  already aweeefull  !! My oh my what  a bad day !!!But thanks   for paper phenomenon on you tube she saves my whole day I ,found her tutorial making baby Primas and guest what they are using Mcgill  punches Petite Petals !!! 

Then this Sunday morning  I did18 flowers  with a color of  baby blue, sea green , and classic brown peach !! they are so cute and great for my new layout ..

This is the layout ... Ive been talking !!!this is  my friend Cj besides me , she is a nice friend of mine she always make me laugh  I have a lot of bffs  on school but the only best pic i have is me and Cj.... so this is some of the close ups on my layout !!!!

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  1. Hi! Gorgeous layout! Love your background work & flower arrangement!


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