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So Lets start the day to Say Hi  and Good evening!
Well It's been a week , I guess a month of not posting to this blog LOL but as I said my first priority is to achieve college  and get high grades. This following month I was busy on school , Since I am taking Fine arts major in Digital arts as usual I need to learn the basic which is , drawing ...( I felt so tired about it and frustrating yet I am here to post a project ) ...  So next week is my Prelim examination so I hope you wish me luck and pray for me especially drawing a whole skeleton body without any reference ahhh...

Today's project is about albums . this lately I have been addicted with albums , I don't know why but IT comes to me that at first I don't like creating scrapbook albums since its hard and too messy but later on I find it fun !! Okay Last month I have a commissioned worked made for my Filipino friend Which is Venus . She wants me to create a  8x8 pocket album for her and 2 covers of a 8x8 albums  .. SO this three was paid off so If you guys want me to create you an Album Contact me Please at 
Email me at :
Available only for Filipino citizen ( If Internationally let's tal about how can you pay me )

For the albums I decided to used all shabby and vintage stuffs from Zeus and Zoe store. There kits are really vintage so if you guys wanted to create a similar style to my albums check out The Store  .. It will be awesome promise 

AND then An album I created for Fun This is for my college stories !!! LOL!!

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  1. Oh your albums are beautiful! Best of luck with your new business adventure!! Very exciting!! These albums will be treasured. Glad to hear that school is going well. Keep up your dedication and hard work. :)

    1. Tnks jen .. i the wqy mkst of the qlbums used your buttons

      .if you seen


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