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      Hi again everybody !! I'm back   and I just insert my time here 
(I have school in this day LOL!!) First of all  I would like to thank Marivic clifton  (owner of zeus and zoe ) for making the whole DT package filled with prima goodies and this Goodies are now used in my newest prima Layout  . I was  star struck on the paper I have from the Z&Z Store and that paper started the whole Thing I prepared a Tutorial for you guys (since I'm an Educator on Zeus and store so it's my job to show you the whole thing ) Prima goodies are perfect for layouts that are not over embellished or layouts that are fun and Shabby.. Here in my layout you''ll see that I have  a big blank space, well I decided to create a page that has small embellished areas and big areas for mix-media !! I picked random collection paper and flowers from PRIMA !! Actually I accidentally add the green paint on the horizontal part !! I was shocked when I add green and oh gosh I'm terrible scared lol!! 

         The Photo that I used is Taken from the cemetery LOL!!yup Your not mistaken !! Cemetery .. I love the grass so I like it its looks cool!!

Prima Printery Collection "PRESSMAN"
Prima Flower Soprano C-#561703
Prima Flower Sopran F-#51666
Prima Flower Fairytale roses buttercup #538644
Prima Flower Gillian  Cinder #553029
Prima paper Flower(Don't have the number )
Prima Fabric flower -#537814
Prima alpha (don't have the number too )
Prima wood borders- #960223
Chalk edgers-

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